Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tackling society's issues in Art

Here's a collection of artwork done by me, trying to express my thoughts about our society issues:

[Special thanks to Jennifer Mourin for scanning my art pieces so beatifully!].

1. Dedicated to those who are forced to love in secret, because you come from different ethnic or religious groups, nationalities or social status, or simply, because you have different skin colors.

2. Do we just look at people or we look down on them? Society always does that, especially to those who are different from them.

3. How many trees do we cut while they are still growing?

4. Despite the fancy clothes, the colorful cosmetics, the plastic surgeries and the veil, aren't we all the same inside?

5. Is she lonely, sad or simply restful? Some women simply love to be alone.

6. It's no fun to live in a concrete jungle - cold,comfortless,hard,careless.

7. Going back to nature is the best. Where you can explore your true, naked self.

8. Hey, what are you doing with my best friend?

9. We are always wearing masks to overcome society's pressures, no matter who and where we are.


aavaz said...

Meaningful and Absolutely Touching and Beautiful.
Your art is in black and white or clour.
Do you have prints of these available? I will never be able to afford the original.
I love art on women, yours are more meaningful, as it is done by a woman for the women.

susan loone said...

Hi Aavaz;

Thanks for your nice comment.

Yes, I only sell reprints, which I produce in 30x50cm, mounted on hard cover/hard cardboard - so that it is good for framing.

I could not part with my originals as well :)

lucia said...

incredibly lovely art! i love art in black and white. susan, you are so talented.

how do people buy your art? place an order with you?

susanloone said...

Hi lucia

Thanks for your kind comments and for appreciating my art.

I do sell reprints with size 30x50cm. I mount them on a hard cardboard so they can be framed nicely.

I could not part with the originals.

Who would like to buy?

Yes, they can email me.



wits0 said...

Great artwork, Susan, really. "clap, clap, clap!"

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Wish I have a fraction of your talent for art. Those were really great impressions, especially the remarks were very apt.

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KTemoc said...

Is there no end to your talents? ;-)

kfoey said...

Nice artworks! U r a talented surreal artist.

Anonymous said...

intense, thought provoking, yet playful and cheeky! Love it!