Saturday, January 31, 2009

Goddesses of my dreams...

Meet the goddesses in my dreams...they appear during my most deepest, saddest and painful moments. During times like these, I just use inks and stabilo and bleed my bloody art paper with the colors of my thoughts.

1. Goddess of the red sun, yellow moon and blue skies

2. Goddess of the garden, of butterflies and flowers, of spring

3.Goddess of the flame, of seduction, of heat and eventually torment

4.Goddess of pain, of blood, bruises, and of courage

5. Goddess of the bleeding heart

6. Two faced goddess of the bleeding heart

7. Red faced: The goddess of hot passion, of blood and anger

8. Black faced: The goddess of the night, of silence, tranquility, and sometimes bad dreams

9. Green faced: The goddess of the earth, of the trees, skies,and of envy

10. Goddess without a name


rainstorm said...

Are these drawn on paper & you sell the original ? How much ?

Lady E said...

your work is very inspiring to me. Thank you.