Friday, February 6, 2009

The garden fairy & other women

1. Garden Fairy

She just appeared, and refused to leave.
And if I refused to paint her,
she would cast a spell over me.
Turning me into a tree, or a leaf,
or a flower.
I don't really mind,
But if that ever happenned,
I would never be able to leave.
To be myself again.
The garden fairy awaits you,
She is the reason why you lose your way.
Will she help you find your way back?

2. Red-faced woman

Don't mess around with the red-faced woman. She's got snakes on her head. She is not Medusa, but just a very angry woman!

3. Pregnant woman meditating

All paintings in acrylics on paper, 37x55cm.


whispering9 said...

Hi Susan,

Honestly, I love your acrylic. Did you know I have 2 great artists in the family. I am not good with the canvas but I like arts a great deal. My free times are spend with Bonsai which (ahem) I am quite good in. :)

susan loone said...

Hi Whispering9

Thanks for your comment & taking time to visit this blog.

Wow! Bonsai - that must be so cool.
Would love to see those?
Any chance of me seeing them?

You are lucky to have two great artists in the family.

Me, a lonely one, and learning the ropes all by myself :(

raymond said...


You have travel many places and tasted many type of food. Wonder you can reflect all these different culture in your painting?