Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Veiled women

There are many such women in my country, and they are beautiful!

1. Shy

2. Bride

3. Fully clothed

I am suddenly having this obsession about veiled women. Or is it just about the 'veil'. They're very beautiful ones, especially in South Asia.

I once visited a place called Quetta, in the southwestern part of Pakistan, in a province name Balochistan (it borders Afghanistan and Iran). The Balochs are a minority and are often marginalised. It's military rule and daily curfews as well.

The women are hardly seen but they stay at home and sew 'dopata' veils as colorful as these. They do it for months -sometimes it takes up to six months to complete one.

So every veil from that place has a story. A woman's story.

These are painted with acrylic on paper, 33x26cm.